Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Northern Hawk Owl near Regina, Saskatchewan

Today I saw the Northern Hawk Owl that's been sighted north of Regina, Saskatchewan, in recent weeks.

Northern Hawk Owl, near Regina, SK, Canada   — SB

I was driving home after a "gotta-get-some-fresh-air!"* outing towards the nearby town of Lumsden when a big-headed, long-tailed bird swooped across the road and up to the top of a shelterbelt tree.

I pulled over to watch —  and to try for a clear picture in the 15 seconds it stayed in the tree, in motion  all the while as it swivelled to check its surroundings.

And then it was gone.

(*I'm a bit stir-crazy, with this record-breaking prairie winter, with its 200-cm of snow!)

What is this? A Northern Hawk Owl.
Location: Near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Photo date: March 19, 2013. 



  1. Wow... great pic in your 15 second window!! Love how luminous his eyes are!! First day of spring Shelley... there is hope for us yet! :)

  2. Spring - I'm longing for warm weather!


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