Monday, October 21, 2013

White-tailed Jackrabbits - Prairie Hares - Turn White

Prairie Hare. © Shelley Banks. All Rights Reserved, 2013.
Prairie Hare huddles in the shade. (You can't see me...)   © SB 
Signs of oncoming winter in Saskatchewan include White-tailed Jackrabbits (Prairie Hares), with legs and ears turning white.

By the full onslaught of snow and cold, these bodies of these Prairie Hares will be fully white.

The hare in these pictures was exploring a park near my house in Regina, SK, in early October.

I stayed far away, while it hid (less than effectively from me, though the passing dog ignored it), stop-motion, in a strip of shade.

(It seemed far more alarmed by the sunny stretches of grass, and leapt quickly across those. I guess dimmer light offered it at least the illusion of greater protection.)

Prairie Hare. © Shelley Banks. All Rights Reserved, 2013.
Any strip of shade will do for this Prairie Hare,
whose legs and ears are already turning white. 
© SB 

And yes, I know that this morning as I write this, it is snowing... Snow that will melt... I will ignore it... 

What is this? A White-tailed Jackrabbit, or Prairie Hare
Location: Neighbourhood park, Regina, Saskatchewan 
Photo dates: October 2, 2013. 


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