Friday, November 15, 2013

Blue Jays Eating Peanuts in my Regina Backyard

Blue Jaw with peanut © SB
A few weeks ago, a Blue Jay discovered our Regina, Saskatchewan, backyard.

It flew in several times a day, and responded to my presence with a squawk and strut towards me.

Clearly, I was not the first human to feed it peanuts...

Someone, somewhere, had half-trained this smart jay.

Usually, the Blue Jay came alone — although I saw at least three in the neighbour's tree one afternoon, so perhaps they each cycled through, one at a time.

Then, the weather dipped colder and the jays continued their journey south.

Or so I figured, until yesterday another (or one of the same?) Blue Jay arrived at our front yard feeder, then flew to the back, and then joined two other jays in that very same tree.

I wonder how long they will stay? And how long the resident squirrel will leave their peanuts alone?

Blue Jay watching me from the lilac bush © SB
The Blue Jay, again with peanut... This jay recognized that I was the one with the peanuts,
and if he saw none in the yard by the bird feeders, would strut over to me and squawk.
 © SB

What are these? Blue Jays 
Location: In my backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan 
Photo dates: October 19, 2013. 



  1. Shelley,
    That makes you the peanut provider. 8-)
    Nice post.

    Nancy McKown

  2. I was just reading another blog about feeding jays peanuts... We may have to start but don't want to attract any more squirrels. Our new squirrel proof peanut feeder is the new favourite of the woodpeckers and flickers. Love the jays, great pics as always. :)


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