Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sharp-shinned Hawk in Regina backyard

Sharp-shinned Hawk, on a very windy day! © SB
A young Sharp-shinned Hawk blew in to feed in our Regina, Saskatchewan, backyard this week.

From the feathers and feet, its prey was a smaller bird, likely a House Sparrow, as that's all we've had on offer lately.

The hawk devoured it on top of our trellis.

The colour of this Sharpie's feathers and eyes will change as it matures. I wonder if it will drop by for sparrows again next year?

Sharp-shinned Hawk
in my backyard. 
© SB

Gore alert! ...  Too late.
The Sharp-shinned Hawk
devours its meal. 
© SB

Immature Sharp-shinned Hawk. © SB

What is this? A young Sharp-shinned Hawk - Épervier brun
Location: In my backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan

Photo dates: January 11, 2014. 


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