Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bright Red House Finch — with Mate! (Is It Spring?)

It must be Spring: A brilliantly scarlet House Finch arrived in our Regina, Saskatchewan, backyard this week — along with a more subdued, brown-streaked female. A mating pair!

Scarlet red male House Finch. Photo © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Male House Finch in fresh spring colours. © SB

A pair of House Finches! Photo © Shelley Banks; all rights reserved
A pair of House Finches! © SB

(Spring, indeed, with several feet of snow still covering our garden... Well, I can hope...)

What are these? House Finches 
Location: My backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo dates: March 15, 2014. 



  1. Brilliant colors! Good photo. My daughter saw a robin in their yard last Sunday, too -- a bit NW of Outlook, SK. So yes, it's spring -- snow notwithstanding.

    1. Thanks -- and good to know that robins are on their way!


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