Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Four-legged Reason We Have So Few House Finches

And now, the reason we have had so few House Finches in our neighbourhood this winter... Or, one reason, at least. I'm sure most finches migrate south — though in past few years (until last year), several stayed and brightened our Regina, SK, backyard.

But we now have a killer in our midst... A cat.

Cat with House Finch in its teeth. Photo © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.
Oh, look at the Christmas present the neighbour's cat caught!  © SB

Don't get me wrong: I love cats. Almost as much as I love dogs.

But I don't love cats that prowl our streets killing song birds and other lovely feathered things.

Inside their houses. That's where I love cats. Pampered killers shouldn't be set loose to attack fragile prey.

And when was this shot taken? Christmas Day, 2013. (Merry Christmas, Cat. You got a good one. But not yet, for the record, the House Finches in the previous post... They were still singing mid-March, 2014.)

What is this? A neighbourhood cat, carrying in its teeth the House Finch it caught.  

Location: In front of my house, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo dates: December 25, 2013. 


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