Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prairie Coyote with Prey - and Watching Deer - near Regina, SK

Its gray-brown, winter-furred body low to the ground, the coyote digs in snow and emerges with...

Coyote with lunch in a snow-covered field near Lumsden, SK  © SB


Whatever that straw-covered, maroon blob in its mouth may be, it looks bloodied and, well, edible.

If you were a coyote, that is. A hungry coyote, prowling a field surrounded by trees, where deer stood in the shadows and watched you.

Two deer watch as the coyote passes by.   © SB
Deer. Danger Passed. Relax. Oops - there's still that photographer...  © SB

What are these? A Coyote, and two White-tailed Deer 
Location: Near Lumsden, north of Regina, Saskatchewan
Photo dates: April 1, 2014. 


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