Monday, April 7, 2014

Ring-Billed Gulls Arrive Back to Spring Regina Ice

Ice still crusts most of Wascana Lake in Regina, SK., but the Ring-billed Gulls are squawking back after their winter migration south.

Ring-billed Gull on decaying Wascana Lake ice (with, yes, bread) © SB 

When I walked around the lake yesterday, a few dozen clustered around open aeration spots near the centre of the frozen water, while several prowled the shore looking for treats... Like the gull above, feeding on scraps of bread some well meaning but misguided lake visitor had thrown. (Bread is not nutritious for birds, even if gulls want you to think it's good for them...)

Apparently there are California Gulls on the lake, as well, but if so, they were far beyond my range of view.

What is this? Ring-billed Gulls
Location: Wascana Lake, Regina, SK
Photo date:
April 6, 2014. 


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