Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Juncos Return to Regina, SK

Juncos have been flocking in our Regina, SK, backyard for the past two weeks — although perhaps flock is an overstatement for groups on three, five or seven birds! We're on the migratory path for Dark-eyed (Slate-coloured) Juncos, and look forward to these clean-cut birds stopping in to feed in spring and fall.

Sharp contrast Junco - dark gray and white with pink bill.
The under colouring blends well with snow © SB

This year, there was still snow when they arrived, so I had a chance to enjoy the Dark-eyed Juncos pretty protective colouring with both light and neutral contrast. Seen in snow, what struck me was how perfectly their white chest feathers blended with that background; in early grass and dirt, their back and wing feathers blended oh so well.

The lighter gray famale Junco has softer brownish feathers on her back.
The upper feathers blend well with the grass and scattered seeds ©SB

What are these? Juncos (Dark-eyed, Slate-coloured group) 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Photo dates: April 8 and 10, 2015


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