Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Raspberry-washed Purple Finch in Regina backyard

A female Purple Finch came to our bird feeders last week, and I've been waiting for a male to show up. Yeah! I looked out the window mid-morning, and there he was. And yes, he was resplendently pink, like "a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice," as Roger Tory Peterson is quoted as saying!

 Male Purple Finch on Regina, SK, backyard bird feeder  
And that "shadow" behind him isn't a camera trick, but another finch in the shadows that's eating. ©SB 
Female Purple Finch on Regina, SK, backyard bird feeder  ©SB 

Neighbourhood Red-Breasted Nuthatch with female Purple Finch.  © SB  

What are these? Purple Finches (with Nuthatch) 
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Photo dates: April 10, 2015 (female) and April 15, 2015 (male) 



  1. Had one of these at our home on Echo Lake today....June 11, 2017. A beautiful male and a female. The male was doing his romantic little dance and his mate was having none of it! LOL!!

    1. You are so lucky! We usually get a few males and a few females -- at different times. No fun at all.

  2. We have the reflective type windows on the front of our house, and this morning one of these purple finch females flew into the window. I was afraid for her for a while, as she was quite stunned. I picked her up off the ground and held her, first in the palm of my hand, then on my index finger. When she bit my finger I knew she was going to recover. She finally flew off, much to my relief! We have a variety of songbirds here, and each one is precious......


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