Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Juvenile Brown Thrashers in Regina SK backyard

A few years ago, when a Brown Thrasher nested near our backyard and brought fledglings here to feed, I noticed the hazy blue of the young Brown Thrashers' eyes.

This week, two juvenile Brown Thrashers have been visiting. These adult-sized birds have typical Thrasher markings, along with slightly downy feathers and cloudy baby eyes that are now shifting to gray on the way to adult Brown Thrasher gold.

Juvenile Brown Thrasher - note the blueish eyes. So Thrashers must have nested nearby again.  © SB

I've read that Brown Thrashers are "usually hidden in dense brush," "uncommon, solitary, and inconspicuous" (Sibley), and yes my backyard is a little overgrown, with a heavy vines on latticework and a robust tomato patch.

But when Brown Thrashers visit, they hop along in the open grass, or perch high in plain sight in the neighbour's tree to recite their loud, long catalogue of songs.

What is this? A Juvenine Brown Thrasher.
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Photo date: July 12, 2015.


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