Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marbled Godwit nesting in Grasslands National Park

When these Marbled Godwits saw our car driving through range land in the West Block of Grasslands National Park, they suddenly reared up out of the grass.

If I could talk to birds — and if they'd listen — I'd like to tell them that when nesting, silence is best. I don't know you're there, I'd say, until you rise up and ululate at me.

And so, Marbled Godwit, let it be known that your high-pitched trills and lamentations told me that your nest was near. But I'd also like to say, I didn't leave the road to take these pictures.

This Marbled Godwit is screaming at me. And yes, we drove on... © SB

A beautifully camouflaged Marble Godwit. © SB
This bird has a _huge_ wingspan! © SB

 (I feel partial to Godwits, because I saw them in estuaries in Ireland. Not this species, though...)

What are these birds?  Marbled Godwits 
Location: Grasslands National ParkSaskatchewan, Canada. 
Photo date:  June 23, 2015.


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