Monday, March 14, 2016

American Tree Sparrow: First Regina Backyard Migrating Bird

We've had a very mild winter, and I've been watching and waiting for the birds, wondering whether migration would start earlier this year because of our snow-free weather. And this afternoon, an American Tree Sparrow answered that question. For me, at least. At least with respect to the limited sample size of birds that land in my Regina, Saskatchewan backyard.
American Tree Sparrow; © Shelley Banks 2016; All Rights Reserved. (
The first migratory bird of the year... 
An American Tree Sparrow stops off to feed on its flight back north.  © SB

This American Tree Sparrow blended well with the other backyard birds (the regular crew of House Sparrows and House Finches), but then the white feathers on its wings caught my eye, and when I looked closer, I noticed its rusty crown and eye stripe. 

And yes, it's early — if not in its arriving, then in my noticing of it. Checking back in this blog, I see that they usually pass by my yard anywhere from the beginning of April to the end of that month. 

Welcome, to a sign of Spring! 

And... Because I'm back to French classes, I'm happy to say that in French this is a Bruant hudsonien, and also that I'm delighted to have found Sibley's guide to North American bird names in French today!  

What is this? American Tree Sparrow .
Location: Backyard, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  
Photo date: March 14, 2016.


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