Saturday, March 12, 2016

Neighbourhood Prairie Hares Turning Brown

Now here is a puzzle: When Prairie Hares are still (primarily) winter white, why would green spring grass and a red fire hydrant feel like camouflage to one of them? 

Prairie Hare, Saskatchewan. ©Shelley Banks, 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Prairie Hare, hunkering - but not hiding! - in early evening shade
across the road from my house.  ©SB

At least my neighbourhood hare is in the shade of a tree. I've noticed that if they are seen in the open, even in summer, they'll crouch in a shady spot to hide. And they can freeze so still that this technique likely works far more often than I realize!

And this hare is turning brown! Note the ears, nose and streaks on its back. Spring must be here...

What is this? Prairie Hare.   
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Photo dates: March 12, 2016. 


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