Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redwinged-Blackbirds and Pelicans Along Wascana Creek

I took a lunch break for a change today and walked along Wascana Creek.

At the west end of my path, a Red-winged Blackbird soared up from the weeds to croak his conk-a-reeeeeee song on a tree-top. 

Photo of a tree with a Redwinged-Blackbird high on the top
Red-winged Blackbirds
(highest point) © SB 
close-up of a redwinged-blackbird, high on a tree
Close-up of redwing, © SB

And yes, the close-up is taken of the same Red-winged Blackbird, at the top of this same tree.

I am impressed that my little camera could zoom in far enough to capture it with some detail that far away.  

At the east end of my path, five pelicans floated in tumbling water by the weir under the Albert Street Bridge. No noise, but oh! the wonder of black-tip wings in flight! These birds are so huge, ungainly when they lift off from the water, but so magical once they settle into heavy, rhythmic motion. 

Five pelicans floating in Wascana Creek, Regina, Saskatchewan
Pelicans adrift  © SB 

Pelicans in flight over Regina's Albert Street Bridge
Pelicans in flight © SB 


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